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Monday, April 9, 2018

Nigerian Lady, Chinyere Precious Rewarded With Cash For Returning A Lost Phone (Screenshot)

A Facebook user identified as Chinyere Precious-emerald Okorie has taken to the platform to narrate on how she was rewarded for returning a lost phone today.

According to the lady, she was in the tricycle with another man who forgot the phone when he alighted from the tricycle. Upon seeing the phone, she had to beg the driver to turn around and drove back to location where the man dropped from the tricycle.
Luckily she was able to spot him at the moment while he was searching for the lost lost phone. They exchanged numbers and the man called later to appreciate her after which he requested for her bank details.
“The man that sat beside me inside a keke today, dropped his phone. He already alighted before me. I had to plead with the keke driver to make a u turn if by any chance we would find him. I switched it off.
Oh yes, I paid extra 200. We got there while my eyes scampered everywhere. It was hard to recognise him for obvious reasons.
But I noticed a man touching every part of his body in search of something.Then I switched it on.
I walked up to him and asked if he was looking for anything. He said yes. I asked what? He said his phone. I gave him my phone to dial it. He did and it rang in my pocket.
His joy was boundless. We talked a little and exchanged numbers. He called later to ask for my account details.
I didn’t hesitate to give him o. For this Buhari red era? I just went for a little nap. I woke up to alert o.
Ahhhhh!!! Ah go craze for here o. It pays to do the right thing mehn. I have my dignity and 10k extra. Make all of una drink beer for my head.”
See screenshot of the alert received;

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