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Sunday, May 13, 2018

25 powerful tweets about the 'Yahoo Yahoo' conversation on Nigerian social media

25 powerful tweets about the

Last week's arrest of suspected fraudsters 'Yahoo Yahoo' boys by the EFCC at a night club in Lagos has sparked a serious conversation on social media with people taking sides.

While many believe its absolutely wrong to be an internet fraudster, others believe its right and convince themselves that the economic hardship and poverty is enough reason to do 'Yahoo Yahoo'.

See them below...

Yahoo Yahoo is a choice. If everybody considers how tough things are in this country, we for all be thieves. The hard work that goes into being a Yahoo Boy can be expended to create a legit hustle but you chose fraud.

You're just a criminal. Own it with your chest!
Yahoo Yahoo is a crime and along with corrupt politicians and terrorist have succeeded in ruining the image of our country...whether you are one or fucking one it doesn't make it any less of a crime so fuck you and the clique you claim
I once asked a woman how’s her son, cos I’ve not seen him in a long time. She replies “He’s doing ok. He’s doing Yahoo Yahoo now, when there’s no work again in the country. But we thank God”. I swear I did not make this up. We thank God?!
Girl says to her friend, “I just started seeing one guy. He’s very bush and loud all the time. Talks anyhow to me sef. But he’s a Yahoo Boy, so he spends money on me”. Friend replies “Wow! Does he have any friends? Me sef dey look for Yahoo Boy o”.
I won't lie, I know many Yahoo Boys and I've had my moments of depression, thinking about how they make so much money, ball so hard with no karma while I'm here struggling financially from my career. But I'm such a strong force myself. I really don't care about money that much
As long as being poor is a crime in Nigeria, as long as people are disrespected for being poor and told by the society they live in that: "If you no get money, hide your face", then we are joking about ending 'Yahoo-Yahoo' and corruption!
Yahoo boys bring money into the economy, Politicians steal money and take it out of our economy. Nigerians please who is justified?
This Internet fraud thing(Yahoo) has eaten deep into our moral system. If Govt like, produce 1Million Jobs, people will still prefer ‘Yahoo’. @Gidi_Traffic
Back in 2014, I was dating a girl who came from a very good financial background,

I was about venturing into yahoo & sort of online scam!

Girl advised me not to, gave me solid reasons why I shouldn't.

Today, I proudly hawk my coffee,

And my ex is proudly dating a yahoo guy!
I don't think you people understand what makes this people go into yahoo.

Depression, poverty, government, responsibilities, peer pressure, hunger amongst others. Most of them don't do it because they want to. I've been in that position before during my school days.

At the end, Yahoo boys, fornicators, liars, terrorists, cheaters, etc will be in the same Hell. Because your sin is different from mine doesn't make you better than me.
Loads of moral debates on this Yahoo Yahoo issue but no one is proferring any solution, needful to point out that not everyone Ritualists,Money Launderers, Armed Robbers, Drug Pushers etc are also under the guise of '' Yahoo ''

Are you fighting Yahoo Yahoo or crime in General?🤔
We had a fraud awareness training at my job and Nigeria was mentioned multiple times, my coworkers were careful not to stare at me for too long. I almost died in my chair. You people dont know the kind of embarrassment Yahoo buys have cause our country.
When i was doing yahoo yahoo, sebi i used to share the yahoo money, u too you've done yahoo yahoo by association. Do you even know what i do for a living? Your own is shaa money even if it's your destiny I'm using 🤣 hian!!!
I have three cousins that are into Yahoo Yahoo, they are big boys, have nice houses and drive exotic cars. Their parents are aware of what they do, and they support them.

But every yahoo yahoo boys and other people in illegal crimes should read 'Jeremiah 17:11'. It is important.
Doing Yahoo on its own takes bravery, courage and expertise. The country is so frustrating that this seems like the only option left for youths. The Government shouldn't be concerned about Yahoo guys but finding ways to create more jobs to accommodate the increasing population.
I don’t know y Nigerians think yahoo boys are spoiling the reputation of Nigeria 2 these foreign countries
1st of all I dont give a Fcuk abt those bastard racist slave tradin people. Does bastards sold, raped and killed ur brothers and sisters 4 decades n we tryin 2 impress dem
People are defending yahoo like the money comes from heaven... There are people, families and lives at the other getting affected directly or indirectly... Just because you are not on the receiving end is why you are ignorant.
This unemployment justification of yahoo is so silly. 95% of all G boys started that shit in the university or even earlier. So please which unemployment is this that chased them to press computer

Broke Nigerians : Yahoo boys this, Yahoo boys that...
EFCC: Yen yen yen
Woke Tweminists: shbebuj shjnebya hkmebsu

Rich Yahoo boys:

When you're supporting yahoo yahoo boys on twitter and you start getting alerts of someone using your card to pay for things you know nothing about n your card is in your wallet
He was the one who bought you the iPhone you're using to type "yahoo boys are bad" . He paid your fees so you can learn how to even spell the word 'yahoo', you spend his money and you're here trolling the business boy!
Yahoo is scam- Yes! But it's still hustle!
I once had a colleague (yes, a lawyer) who got married to a yahoo boy. Then they had a baby. I went to the naming ceremony and refused to eat. I am not sure if this story is relevant to the discussions today but I just thought to share it. 😭

Even the Yahoo guys are tweeting against the Yahoo guys
Even their babes are tweeting against Yahoo guys or people who support them..
They know themself
I will not mention names

A boy Is driving a G wagon you call him yahoo boy but your pastor has two private jets and you call him Papa.
I don't have strength for arguments pls
OAPs Wey Dey Use Payola Dey Scam Artistes Sef Dey Here Dey Point Fingers Are Yahoo Boys... Lol

Even Staffs Of Radios Owned By Political Thieves Are Also Talking...😂😂😂😂

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