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Saturday, May 19, 2018

DMW Boss, Davido’s Ex-Girlfriend, Faith Nketsi Exposed As A Hard-Core Pimp Who Lures Young Women As Modelling Agency

Davido’s ex-girlfriend, Faith Nketsi has been exposed by a social media user who claimed the South African socialite is a hard.core pimp, who uses her modelling agency as a front for her real business.

According to the lady who exposed Faith Nketsi, she joined the socialite’s modelling agency for some quick cash and ended up getting raped by 6 men.
We are however not accusing the Twerk Queen of pimping girls, but here is what Twitter is saying about Faith Nketsi today;
@larrythelame wrote;
I’ll be fucken damned if you guys let this Faith Nketsi story slide
@Ray_kamolane wrote;
I’m not the one to gossip and you didn’t hear this from me but Faith Nketsi isn’t the only pimp. Your fave club ambassadors are too, they have a whole ring of prostitution and drugs going on. That’s all for tonight!
@Lizo_Thwala wrote;
Faith Nketsi
Apparently someone on my TL (whoever that this)
You people knew what these people do but said nothing. Unbelievable really
@buang03 wrote;
I’ve always felt like Faith Nketsi has something to do with Karabo Mokoena’s death, can’t say why, but that’s just me.
@Kim_Khandashisa wrote;
I thought Faith Nketsi only sold herself, other women too? So basically she’s a sex trafficker? Haaibo … Kwenzakalani?

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