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Friday, May 4, 2018

Drama As Angry Neighbours Beat-Up Woman For Assaulting Her Housemaid

A woman who is said to be in the habit of assaulting her housemaid, has been beaten up by her neighbours who were very angry with her.
 The maid had her head broken
It has been reported that a mob action occurred yesterday night at Arthur Eze Avenue in Awka, Anambra state capital after people got angry with a woman in the area.
Local reports show that angry people dealt with the woman for beating her maid aggressively to the point of breaking her head.
According to one Charles Obi who shared photos and told the story, many neighbors made up mostly of women who saw the woman beating her maid, invaded her home to rescue the little girl of about 7 years. In the process, punches and whips were lashes on her at will.
Some of the angry mob also took the bleeding girl to the shop of the woman's husband to ascertain his level of involvement in such brutality.
It was gathered that the woman's husband fled when informed of his wife's wicked acts.
Below are photos of people confronting the woman:

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