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Monday, May 14, 2018

Ekiti 2018! Cabal Vs the Ekiti citizenry !

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Can a northerner mean better for  Ekiti  than an Ekiti  man!?  Can the cabal mean better for yorubas  than a true Yoruba son! ?

There  is always a chess  game going on in the Nigerian political sphere and history has always  shown how a northern backed leader has always ended up!

 Akintola tried it omoboriowo  did it now Fayemi is coming with federal might  History will vindicate this topic!

Most will rather  take dictation from Afao  than from Daura or kaduna  we remain a fiercely  proud people and it is individuals  among us seeking for power by all means that are ready to put self interest over the interest of the region!

We Ekiti people  will not  allow Fayemi to win that elections! He can't win period!
At the height of Omoboriowos  beligerance  Ijero  people where Omoboriowo came  from sent a message to him not to come

home for Ekiti people were behind Awolowo and not any   'foreign'  power! Unless it's not Ekiti  my father  land!

 Wait and see  all! Like I said this is the fight for the soul of the Yoruba's.

The same will play out here!

Aficonene  !!!!!

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