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Friday, May 4, 2018

‘I invested N10m into Indian hemp business after graduation’ 38-year-old UNILAG graduate turned drug dealer says

?I invested N10m into Indian hemp business after graduation? 38-year-old UNILAG graduate turned drug dealer says

The Lagos state police command has arrested a 38-year-old man, Gafar Ademolake, for allegedly smuggling substances suspected to be Indian hemp worth N10million into Nigeria from Ghana. 

According to New Telegraph, Ademolake, who claims to be a graduate of International Relations, University of Lagos (UNILAG), said he took to the illicit business when he couldn’t get an employment after graduation.

Ademola who claims to have built two houses and bought a car from proceeds of the illicit trade, said a friend of his introduced him to one lady called Iya Ghana that helps in the transporting of the banned substance. Iya Ghana in turn contracts some commercial drivers from the Mile 2 bus park.
“Initially, when my friend told me about the business, what came to my mind was that I would be travelling to Ghana to buy it. I was, however, told that there wouldn’t be any need for me to go to Ghana. I was told that someone would bring it down to Nigeria for me. All I needed to do was to transfer money to the person in Ghana. After thinking about the business, I decided to try it. I first invested N200, 000 and made a whooping profit of N100, 000. In the past three years now, I have never looked back. i have made a lot of money.
“It’s this Iya Ghana that used to bring the Indian hemp from Ghana into Nigeria. Once she’s in Nigeria, she would alert us. We would go to her warehouse to pick them.
I regret my action. But I wanted to take my family away from poverty. That was why I decided to heed my friend’s advice and go into the drug business. I needed to survive. Police tracked me through my phone after two drivers, who had gone to bring the Indian hemps for me from the warehouse were arrested by at the Ojueleba area. This is the first time I have been arrested since I joined the business.
I have built two houses, and I have a car. I’m comfortable.”
32 year old Mudashiru Sulaimon who drives a Toyota Sienna bus marked GGE 886EV, loaded with five bales of the Indian hemp, was arrested when he was moving the banned substances from Iya Ghana’s warehouse, to Ademolake’s destination. 
“No, I don’t work with Ademolake. I was in our park when he came to hire me. He said that he wanted me to go and pick some goods for him. When I got to the scene, I noticed that what he asked me to pick for him were bales of weeds. Initially, I was promised N10, 000, but after I noticed that the bales were Indian hemp, the owner promised to add N10, 000 to my money.” Sulaimon continued: “It was out of greed that I decided to pick the bales for him. I was on my way from Mile 2, going to Ojuelegba, to deliver the bales to the owner when policemen, who were on patrol, flagged my car and arrested me.”  he said
The police also arrested another driver, 32-year-old Olowo Owolabi whose Citroen bus, marked JJJ 301 XV, was used to transport 35 bales of Indian hemps. When interrogated, Owolabi confessed to the police that he and his colleagues were contacted by Ademolake to convey the cannabis to Ojuelegba, where he would sell them to buyers.

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