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Monday, May 14, 2018

Man Slumps After Receiving Hot Slaps From Policeman For Refusing A Phone

A man has slumped after he was reportedly slapped by some police officers for refusing a phone check.
The man slumped after the slaps
It has been reported that mild confusion took over the Ojodu Abiodun area of Lagos recently after a young man lost consciousness due to the numerous slaps he received at the back of his head, from a policeman.
The incident reportedly happened today. The man was slapped repeatedly by policeman who wanted to check his phone.
Local reports show that the victim had refused to give the policeman his password. This angered the officer and he descended on him. He also wanted to drag him to the Adugboluja Police Station, but the victim refused.
The beating only stopped after the young man slumped and passed out. He was promptly rushed to Ewa Hospital, by passers by. It was gathered that policemen are notorious for this habit in that axis.
See another photo below:

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