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Thursday, May 31, 2018

Update: Senator Ben Bruce Confirms Dino Melaye’s Move To PDP

There was a mild drama in the Nigerian Senate yesterday after the embattled Kogi state Senator Dino Melaye told the Senate President of his intention to move his seat from to the opposition wing of the chamber.

In a dramatic and humorous move, Dino Melaye packed his things and moved in with Senator Ben Bruce, David Mark and other PDP lawmakers.
According to Dino, he no longer feels comfortable sitting in his former allocated space due to the trauma he went through and is still going through.
Although the Senator made no direct speech effecting his defect to PDP, the dramatic move and his follow up posts on Instagram tells the story of a man who feels intimidated and haunted by his party.
Also confirming the move is the Bayelsan Senator, Ben Bruce who welcomed Dino to PDP in a tweet. “We will treat you good here…no trauma or intimidation whatsoever” he tweeted.
The APC however said that Dino hasn’t officially defected but if that is the case, they wish him well.

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