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Thursday, June 14, 2018

Meet Marsha Elle, The Bold And Beautiful Model Whose Leg Has Been Amputated

A beautiful and courageous woman who happens to be a model with an amputated leg, is inspiring people on social media.
Marsha Elle
Marsha Elle is a model whose courage and boldness is motivating many people around the internet. 
Elle is an amputee but she has not let her disability to stop her from pursuing her dreams of achieving a successful modeling career. With the aid of a prosthetic leg, Elle is making strides in her drive to becoming a top-ranked model.
The model who is based in Miami, United States is also a singer and a motivational speaker who speaks to her many followers on finding strength while pursuing success in life.
Elle is known for constantly sharing her photos with her fans on almost a daily basis. While doing that, she does not hide her prosthetic leg but bares it all to show the people the struggles she faces everyday and how she overcomes them.
Below are more of these photos:

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