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Monday, June 18, 2018

Nigerian Student Who Stabbed Teenager To Death Over ‘Gay Argument On Whatsapp’ Sentenced To Life Imprisonment In UK

Nigerian student in the UK jailed for life after stabbing autistic teenager to death over who is gay or straight.

20-year-old Nigerian student, Paul Akinnuoye, has been sentenced to life imprisonment for stabbing to death 19 year old autistic boy, Jordan Wright.
Paul and Jordan had argued on a Whatsapp group called Ice City Boyz over who was “straighter” of the two.
Paul had called Wright a “batty boy” and claimed he was on “another guy’s d***.
The victim replied:
“On your mum’s life I’m straighter than you.”
They agreed to have a fight to prove who was straighter.
They arranged to meet at Blackheat, South East london in April 2017. Paul armed himself with a knife and travelled from his home in Tunbridge Wells Kent to Blackheat where he met Jordan who came thinking it would be a fist fight.
Sadly, Paul stabbed Jordan in the chest during the fight. The teenager staggered out of the park but collapsed at the entrance of his home telling his mother, Katherin Alade,
“I feel unwell”. He died as a result of the stab injury.
At the court hearing yesterday, Ms Alade said she became so distressed after the murder that she contemplated suicide.
“You don’t realise until it happens to you how far reaching one moment of madness can be and what an impact it can make on your life forever. There is not one day when I don’t shed tears. I didn’t think it was possible to feel such physical, psychological or mental pain until that fateful day last April. I know I will never be the same.” she told the court
The court heard that Akinnuoye had been an A-grade student who had the opportunity to study pharmacy at university.
Judge Philip Katz QC jailed Akinnuoye to life with a minimum term of 21 years.

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