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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

Faces Of Gunmen That Attacked Lagos Bank Customer, Stole N250,000

A gang of robbers have met their Waterloo at Morogbo, in the Badagry area of Lagos State after they were caught for robbing a bank customer of N250,000.

The suspects were beaten to a pulp by a mob on Friday before they were handed over to policemen from the Morogbo division.
It was gathered that the men – Saka Ibrahim (25), Oni Kudaisi (35), Sodiq Dauda (28), and Taiwo Popoola (24) – waylaid their victim, who had just withdrawn the money from an Access Bank branch at Car Wash bus stop.
The gunmen reportedly collected the money, shot into the air to scare residents and fled on two motorcycles they brought for the operation.
Some community youths, including motorcycle riders, were said to have summoned courage and gave the hoodlums a chase.
The gunmen were reportedly caught in the Ibiye area, where they had tried to mix with a crowd to escape detection.
The bank customer, who identified himself only as Cletus, said the four-man gang trailed him from the bank.
He said,
“I withdrew the money on Friday at a branch of Access Bank at Car Wash bus stop. I boarded a bus which took me to Magbon. After I alighted and crossed the road, I heard someone saying, ‘That is the man we are looking for.’ One of them came towards me and tried to collect the money. A resident, who saw what was happening, raised the alarm that they were robbers.
“I held the man trying to collect my money and as we struggled, another member of the gang came, hit me, forcefully collected the money and shot into the air.
“As people heard the gunshot, they came out, mobilised and gave them a chase. I tried to run after them too, but I could not catch up because they were on motorcycles.”
A senior police officer said policemen at the Morogbo division, led by the Divisional Police Officer, SP Adagba Johnson, blocked the road to prevent the suspects from escaping.
“Since people knew the robbers would pass in front of the police station, they called to alert the division.
“The DPO, upon getting the information, blocked the road with a team of policemen. When the suspects saw that the police had blocked the road, they made a U-turn and faced Magbon where they were coming from; they were caught between the mob and the police. They then diverted into a community called Ibiye.
“We discovered that they all lived in the area and thought they could easily escape since they knew the terrain very well. The police joined the residents and got them arrested,” he said.
An eyewitness and community youth leader, who identified himself as George Bush, told PUNCH Metro that the men usually robbed bank customers in the area.
He said,
“The boys seemed to have informants in the bank area. They go there at least twice a week to collect money from people.
“I saw them that day and when we tried to approach them, they brought out a gun. They collected the money and we chased them to Ibiye and got them arrested.”
The suspects, who were paraded at the Lagos State Police Command headquarters, Ikeja, on Tuesday, confessed to the crime.

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