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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Ifa Priest Reacts To Report That Lagos Tanker Explosion Was Caused By gods’ Anger

One of the most prominent Ifa priests in the world, Chief Ifayemi Elebuibon, has advised Nigerians to ensure that their vehicles are in good condition while drivers should be in the right frame of mind before setting out to drive on the roads.

He also called on the government to rehabilitate roads and restrict the movement of heavy duty trucks to the night in order to reduce frequent accidents and carnage on Nigerian roads.
The Ifa priest, who is a visiting lecturer at the San Francisco State University in California, United States, said the number of needless deaths recorded daily on Nigerian roads would drastically reduce if Nigerians began to obey traffic rules and do other necessary things while urging them to stop blaming the gods for their negligence.
He said,
“It is true that there may be tragedies in various forms if we refused to make sacrifices to some deities. But I don’t think the accidents on Otedola Bridge in Lagos, happened because the gods were angry.
“The three statues erected there are not gods. They are sculptures made by artists and I think they were put there as decoration. We need to examine ourselves as government and as individuals.”

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