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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Nigerian Policeman Administering First Aid Treatment To An Accident Victim Applauded Online

An operative of the Nigerian Police Force, has once again proved that the Police is indeed our friend after he was spotted in the street of Lagos helping an accident victim.
Policeman gives first aid treatment to an accident victim. (Photo: Boye Abe/Facebook)
A Facebook user identified as Boye Abe, has taken to the social networking platform to applaud a police officer who was captured on camera giving first aid treatment to some accident victims.
The eyewitness disclosed that a minor accident happened between a Keke and an Okada and both parties were injured, adding that when they were about to leave, some policemen came with their van and offered to give them some first aid treatment.
The overly surprised man said in his post that he was shocked as he has never witnessed such kind gesture from any Nigerian police officer.
He shared photos from the scene and wrote; "For those of us who have lost hope (and faith?) In the Nigerian Police Force and think nothing good can ever come out of them, I have a very pleasant surprise for you.
"I was minding my business somewhere around CMS Bus Stop on Lagos Island this afternoon and witnessed an incident I just had to capture on camera and share here.
Apparently, there had been a minor accident minutes before between two commercial cycles...a Tricycle (Keke NAPEP) and a Motorcycle (OKADA). Lo and behold, the Mobile Policemen on duty nearby rushed to the scene, not to demand for bribe, but to give First Aid treatment to a victim of the accident....complete with their own First Aid Kit! Whaooooo!"

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