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Monday, August 27, 2018

Man Who Steal Men's Manhood Through Handshake Caught & Banished In Kogi State (Photos+Video)

A man from Calabar, the Cross Rivers State capital, has been banished from Kogi State after he was apprehended for allegedly stealing many male genitals in the State.
The suspect and his voodoo contact
A young man accused of allegedly using voodoo to steal male organs through handshake or any body contact, has been banished from Kogi State after he was caught in the act.
According to proceedings in the video clip of the suspect's arraignment before residents after he was caught by local security operatives, it was discovered that the suspect carries out the dastardly act by making body contact with his victims. After the contact, the victim's waist immediately becomes numb.
The voodoo man in dreads
The notorious suspect was caught on Saturday in Lokoja, and he confessed that he uses the p*nises for rituals and sometimes sells them to politicians.
He was only able to return the recent p*nis he stole after the ritualist who did the voodoo for him was invited to come and reverse the condition. After that, he was banished from Kogi State together with his family.
The suspect who steal men's genitals

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