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Sunday, August 5, 2018

“My Selling SPB Doesn’t Mean I’m Available For Testing” – Peace Olayemi

One of the most lusciously $exy, curvy and busty women the Instagram has blessed us with in recent times is wannabe actress and video vixen, Peace Olayemi, who hails from Oyo State.

She caused quite a stir recently on social media when she made a video of herself in a revealing lingerie, with her boobs gaping out of the cleavage line as though they were looking for welcoming hands.
But that is not the whole picture, a voluptuously busty girl in a lingerie would have done enough to the blood pressure of many, but selling aphrodisiac and talking about $ex with it, is simply off the hook and that was exactly what Peace was doing, with knowing smiles and $exually suggestive gestures.
Seeing the barrage of lusty comments, it is needless to ask her what direct messages she’s been getting but Potpourri asked her nonetheless.
“Yes, I have had crazy comments. But this is not what I did intentionally, it’s a paid advert video for Suruka Natures Gift, maker of SPB aphrodisiac. The drug is a winner any day. With SPB as a man, your partner is guaranteed full satisfaction in bed,” she said.
When asked if she’s available for testing, she said,
“Because I sell this drug doesn’t mean I’m available for testing. If any guy DM me in a way I don’t like I will simply block or ignore him.

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