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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

“Trump Would Not Have Called Buhari, Lifeless If Nigerian Disclosed His Illness” – Phil Hazlewood

International journalist, Phil Hazlewood, has also reacted to viral report of President Donald Trump calling President Buhari ‘lifeless’ after their meeting in United States in April.

Phil Hazlewood who is AFP bureau chief in Nigeria, Benin, Togo & Ghana, said if Aso Rock was more forthcoming about the nature of President Buhari’s illness, there would have been more understanding.
He wrote;
Trump reportedly called Buhari “lifeless”. Again, perhaps if Aso Rock was more forthcoming about the nature of his illness (and the medical prognosis) there’d be more understanding
Buhari said nothing at the Trump presser. Equally left all the talking to Macron in Abuja. Let’s see what happens when May and Merkel visit this week
Still not keen on explaining reasons for months of medical treatment abroad and who paid for it. Transparency and accountability

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