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Monday, September 3, 2018

Donald Duke Makes U-Turn On Homo$exuality Comment

Former Cross Rivers State Governor, Donald Duke has backtracked on his comments about homo$exuality in Nigeria.

His view generated backlash, with most respondents attacking him for ‘promoting’ what they described as immorality.
The presidential aspirant had on a show, On The Couch, promised that he would not crimanlize homo$exuality if he won the 2019 elections.
“I don’t understand the emotional feelings a g*y person would have towards someone of their $exuality. I don’t understand it.
“But I would not criminalise them. I would ensure that they have the protection of the law,” he told hosts Falz and Laila.
But Duke, in his latest post on Instagram, admitted that same-$ex affair remained a crime in Nigeria.
He wrote: “Recently, a statement I made during an interview concerning g*y rights and homo$exuality has been construed as the affirmation of my homo$exuality and same-$ex marriage.
“Nothing is further from the truth. Homo$exuality is a crime in Nigeria and ought to remain so.
“What I, however, did say is that I would not go seeking homo$exual for prosecution as this is liable to abuses and as such would rather not delve into the $exuality of an individual.
“For the avoidance of doubt, our law on homo$exuality stands in fact and in my moral rectitude”.

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