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Monday, October 8, 2018

5 Teenage Boys Gang R*pe: Lady Lands In Trouble For Allegedly Selling, Circulating R*pe Video

A Nigerian feminist identified as Nicky Ojiulor, has landed herself in serious trouble for selling and circulating r*pe video of the lady drugged and gang-raped by 5 boys in Lagos.

Nicky Ojiulorwho was accused of circulating a video of gang r*pe that was titled “We Have 7 Bedrooms and One Parlor”, the lady was reported to her school, Universal School of Aviation and the school has issued a statement on the circulation of the rape video by their student.

The statement reads;
Good morning all,
The attention of the management has been called to a video circulating the social media which is been shared by a cabin crew student of our great institution.
We wish to assure the entire public that she has been summoned to the school disciplinary panel, which will hold on Monday and to reinstate that we will not condone any act of indiscipline of this nature.
We also wish to notify the entire public that we will be willing to corporate with necessary agencies to curb act of this nature. UNIVERSAL SCHOOL OF AVIATION says #NOtoRAPE

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